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We have been raising and breeding pure Mini Dutch Bunnies for several years now. We fell in love with the breed when we were looking for pet rabbits for our children. What attracted us to this breed was their playful and puppy-like demeanor. If you are interested in owning one of these beautiful creatures, please contact us because we only breed a couple times a year!

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Reese's Puff - Male

Rare Blonde color


Big Blue- Male

Rare Blue color

big blue_edited.jpg
big blue_edited.jpg

Keely - Female

Black color


Duncachino - Female

Chocolate Tortoise color


Bunny Care Tips

  • Always make sure your bunny has plenty of fresh water (Keep them cool).

  • Never use cedar shavings for your cage, they will kill the bunny if eaten.

  • Do not over feed your bunny, let them eat all of their food before giving them more. Do not feed them many treats or veggies. (This can cause diarrhea)

  • Make sure to handle your bunny every day, and be careful when you let them out to play because they will eat and chew on everything. 

  • If you have more than one bunny, they should be separated  once they are between 3 - 4 months old so they don't fight.

  • It is normal for your bunny to have a red or orange color to their urine.

  • If you want to own a bunny, please do your research and even ask the breeder as many questions as you can. They are great pets and are quite easy to take care of!!

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